Voices of the Koas & Revels Kids Rehearsal








Revels Kids Immersion Day

Yesterday, The Voices of the Koas worked with over 100 children at the Revels Kids Immersion Day. It was an exhausting by rewarding day! Voices taught the children the traditional Snake Dance Song and Dance, with the help of Jessee Lawyer as the head of the snake.

Welcoming the children
Welcoming the children
Sarah and Colleen
Sarah and Colleen
Through the halls
Through the halls
Serpent Dance
Serpent Dance
Twisting in and out
Twisting in and out
(more pics can be seen in the picture gallery)

VOICES on the Radio!

National Day of Mourning Community Radio with Moccasin Tracks, a conversation with Rebecca Bailey with Voices of Koas (An Abenaki Women’s Singing Group) and From Indian Country in the Southwest, Medz Hawk Laying Down Prayers With Music


These interviews took place during our broadcast from Goddard College Community Radio on two antenna, WGDR and WGDH during the National Day Of Mourning, Nov 27, 2014. Thank-you!

Music Credits

Story with Jesse Larocque
Voices of Koas (www.abenakiart.org)
Medz Hawk (Tea Hawk and Red Hawk Woman)

Rebecca Bailey (The Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation) is the music director for the Women’s Abenaki singing group, Voices Of Koas. She sings us a lullaby (thank-you Rebecca) and shares how the music is being revitalized and in turn it is part of an Abenaki Immersion that is an ongoing moving process as we witness this history in the making today during our lifetimes in Vermont. So exciting to hear Rebecca share the project Voices will be involved with.

Rebecca sent us a song called The Humble Song although not sung in Abenaki we appreciate the words that are a prayer moving with music.

During the 2nd half of this edition of Moccasin Tracks we are joined by MedzHawk, a musical Duo of TeaHawk and Red Hawk Woman as they are making prayers thru Indian Country in the southwest and join us by phone. They talk about creating music “for the greater good” of all life. Their Respect for Mother Earth, the land and all relations. Be Happy says Tea Hawk..for what we have and give good words to lift each other up. The songs heard on this podcast include Honor The Ancestors, T-Bird Spiral, and Cosmic Warrior.

Where VOICES has Performed


Piermont Elementary School,

Piermont, New Hampshire

Past Events

Kids learning feather dance



Plymouth State College Veterans Pow Wow, 2013

powwow 061 (2)


powwow 022

powwow 016




Newbury Elementary School, Newbury, Vermont 2013 and 2014



Sun Dance




Round Dance/Friendship Dance
Round Dance/Friendship Dance


Koasek tribes children involved


Scan 2


Abenaki Heritage Weekend Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, 2014



Sun Dance
Sun Dance
Round Dance/Friendship Dance
Round Dance/Friendship Dance


Sun Dancer
Sun Dancer





The “All My Relations” Opening Reception, August 9th, 2014, at the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum.


Screen Shot
Screen Shot













Indian Township Maine, October 2014

maine day 1









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