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Historically, Indigenous people have been left out of the conversation, and the voices of many elders as well. The conversation pertaining to land rights, sovereign rights, to raise their children, to speak their own language and to protect the environment, the mother of us all.

This need to protect the environment, to ensure sustainability in our agricultural practices, in our food sovereignty has never been more present now with global warming, climate change and plants that no longer produce viable seeds. How can we feed ourselves if our environment can not even sustain us anymore. What are the solutions that we need to look for ?

New solutions that have entered the mainstream conversation, in ecological practices, permaculture and organic agriculture are not very new at all, but old Indigenous practices that have been handed down from generation to generation from elder to youth. This information has been around but has been left out of the mainstream conversation. and this conversation needs to shift, we need to learn from our elders.

Decisions taken with regards to our agricultural practices, our access to seeds and how healthy our environment are affect us all, liberals, conservatives, anarchists, families and communities. Only when we work together to ensure that 7 generations from now are safe and have clean air,water, soil and food can we proudly say that we conquered the crisis that we are facing. And only when we hear about the 7 generations past – stories and knowledge from our elders, the elders of this land, can we ensure we move forward without making the same mistakes. Moving forward armed with knowledge, how wonderful does that sound. Sharing knowledge is free and so is sharing a seed. Both make things grow.

The Strawberry moon festival is the opportunity for the conversation to be renewed and shared in a meaningful and deep way. To attend the festival, listen to these elders talk, absorb the information and implement it into our common practices with the full knowledge of where they come from, is to try and take our historical mistakes and move forward together.

We all want to be able to live healthy, long, happy lives. Protecting our environment and thus protecting our food sources are ways to ensure that we can all build a future together that we ourselves would want to live in. What better gift to give our children and grandchildren for their birthdays than a healthy planet with thriving eco-systems, and thriving food systems.

So. get out there, buy your tickets to this most important event and don’t forget to bring a friend who would benefit from shared knowledge !


Sunday, Voices will be there.


double-curve-waterSaturday, 7:30-8:30 am


Balloon Launch is FREE!                          Pancake Breakfast & Balloon Launch

Breakfast: $8 adults/ $5 children/ free under 5 yrs.

Billed as a “gathering of homebuilt and experimental balloons and airships”, the Experimental Balloon and Airship Association hosts this meet for light aircraft enthusiast and the general public. Revels North is proud to once again provide a pancake breakfast to campers and spectators at this unique event!

Even after the balloons have sailed over the hills, the entertainment continues! On Saturday, we will have performances by Revels Kids with Voices of the Koas, Revels Mummers, and Catamount Morris; Sunday features Revels Teens and the premiere of our Summer Revels chorus. Special guest artists Out on a Limb, with Kerry Rosenthal and Ford Daley, will be performing as well!

In addition to musical performances, there will be craft activities; a Mummer’s play; the famous Vermontasaurus; plus Brian Boland’s amazing airport museum.


Voices of the Koas Director, Rebecca working with the Revels Kids in Bradford, Vt on the mosquito Song and Dance

Voices of the Koas Director, Rebecca teaching the Feather Game and Song in St Johnsbury, VT to Revels Kids.


Immersion Day 2015 Half-flyer



The Honor is mutual!
VOICES of the KOAS has been asked by REVELS NORTH to be the Culture Bearers, for the winter REVELS Kids program.
Five locations, a total of 100 children, will be immersed in the Abenaki culture of Story, Song and Dance! The Final performance will be March 29, 2014.
REVELS info. – Revels North Mission Statement
Revels North produces Christmas and summer performances and outreach events to encourage understanding and appreciation of traditional music, dance, ritual and other art forms through the medium of participatory theater and communal celebration. Each production and outreach event is inspired by a particular culture and time period using a combination of traditional and composed works. Revels celebrations join professional artists with talented amateurs and community members to produce performances with great appeal for audience and cast alike.
Facebook Post by Revels North
Thank you to Voices of the Koas. What an incredible training for Revels Kids teachers – Laura Craft, Leslie Dustin, Melinda Ricker, Mark Russell, Sharon Comeau, Jennifer Langhus, Abby Fleming, Tamara Martin, and Kristin Langias. Revels Kids immersion into the Abenaki culture begins the last week of January and runs through March in St. Johnsbury, Hanover, Norwich, Bradford and Vershire.

Revels Kids 2015: Abenaki and Regional Native American

January 26th-March 29th

Join us as we delve into the traditions of regional Native American culture! Program teachers and guest artists will create an immersive experience for children as they learn the songs and percussive instruments, dances, and handwork of New England’s Native people. Tradition bearers Voices of the Koas from the Koas Abenaki Nation, and Nathan Pero from the Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki People, will help bring the language, stories, and culture of the Abenaki Nation to life for Revels Kids.

The Revels Kids program introduces children in 1st through 8th grades to diverse world cultures through the exploration of music, dance, percussion, and storytelling. The program encourages children to celebrate their unique voices and their joyful sense of creativity in a supportive and non-competitive environment. This journey of cultural traditions will truly be a celebration of the mind, soul, and spirit for children and families alike, which we hope will inspire a lifelong love of traditional music. Children who attend the weekly Revels Kids workshops will learn not only about the traditions and living culture of the Abenaki, they will also receive coaching in performance skills, vocal and dance techniques, storytelling, and a variety of handwork.
Final showcase:

Children from each site come together in front of an audience of friends and family to perform special pieces their group has learned, as well as pieces the whole Revels Kids program has worked on together. The showcase this year will be held on March 29th.

                                                                                         Tickets will be available for purchase at http://revelsnorth.org
Revels North
Revels North
Keene Middle School
VOICES will be educating children of the Keene, NH middle school April 14 of 2015!
Dear Rebecca,
I am a middle school teacher who would like to invite Voices of the Koas singing group to visit as guest musicians at an opening ceremony our school is having for an outdoor classroom and boardwalk that will open in spring 2015. Abenaki basket maker Sherry Gould highly recommended your group. We hope you may consider joining us.
Our school is built on the site of archaeological artifacts that were dated back 12,000 years ago to the Paleo Indians. It is said to be some of the oldest artifacts found in the north east. As part of our interest in teaching students about the history of our home we want to introduce students to the Abenaki culture through artists and guest speakers. This will be an ongoing effort over many years.
Written to VOICES by a NH middle school history Teacher.
Keene Middle School
Keene Middle School

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