New Federal Acknowledgment Process Regs

Originally posted on Turtle Talk:
Department of the Interior Announces Final Federal Recognition Process to Acknowledge Indian Tribes Initiative Reforms a Process Long Criticized as “Broken,” Increases Transparency in Important Review of Tribal Recognition Status WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn today released a final rule to reform the regulatory process by which the Department… Continue reading New Federal Acknowledgment Process Regs

Who are the VOICES?

Through the singing of historic Abenaki songs, and teaching of dances and games intermingled with stories, the Voices of the Koas, dressed in post contact period clothes, playing traditional hand drums and rattles teach the audience about the people who lived in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire & Vermont. Some of the members of Voices of the Koas, are members of Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation,  Don’t you just want to hear … Continue reading Who are the VOICES?